Who is Alex Maywand and why should you sign with me?

  • I am a certified personal trainer/model that lives in Leeds and I am also a Sponsored My Protein Ambassador
  • There’s a big difference between me and other personal trainers. That being that I like to live my life to the fullest whilst also maintaining my physique and achieving my fitness goals
  • I design and deliver a training and nutritional plan that is entirely personalized around you and your goals
  • I know that everyone has different jobs, lifestyles and the rest! – some drink, some don’t, some like pizza (me), some don’t. Everybody is different and I aim to fulfill all your needs whilst working alongside you and becoming not only your coach/trainer but someone you can reside in when it comes to achieving your goals.

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How it all started

I have been involved in sports since the age of 3 years old! I was raised in Germany where fitness and sport is classed as very important and this led to me joining a football academy when I was still in my diaper! Moving on from this I have not gone a week of my life without engaging in physical activity. After moving to England at the age of 5, I carried on playing football till the age of 18 and during this time I played basketball and this actually led me to becoming the captain of my college academy; to further playing at a university level. Some other achievements of mine are, I’m a 2nd Dan black belt in karate & kickboxing, I use to play cricket on a yearly basis and most of all I love training at the gym.


I studied sports development, coaching & fitness in college, achieving the highest level and obtaining a qualified personal training degree. As well as this I studied sports Business management at university, this is where my passion of providing personal training to others started. I have been training myself at a serious level in the gym since the age of 15, and throughout this I have achieved multiple body types; shredded, lean, and I even lean bulked. I have tested a wide variety of diets and training regimes – some that work and others that don’t!. When training at university I’d get asked on a regular basis by family and friends “how do you get a good body?!” Therefore, with the knowledge and experience I have with training I started making online plans for anyone that asked. This has led to me helping numerous people achieve their dream body, mind and even lifestyle. It’s truly amazing what looking after your health can do and that’s why I have chosen to be an online personal trainer.


As well as online personal training, I am a model. This is also a passion of mine as I model for multiple fashion and fitness brands which are sold all over the world. To achieve this goal I had to get a very lean physique which led to me having to conduct a lot of experimenting to get it just right. Now I use this knowledge and methods I have learnt over time to achieve a summer body, beach ready, lean physiques – not just for myself, but my clients as well!


It’s amazing how knowledge, skills, habits and routines can affect your body and your health. That is why I am here to help, I have learnt all the knowledge now you can do the same. With my help you will be able to achieve your health and fitness goals and from this you will continue to strive and feel amazing.


The thing that I think makes me different from the rest is I live a real life whilst achieving my fitness goals and dreams. This means that I, like many others love to enjoy life even if that means having a cheat meal, going for a drink or even a night out!. These can all be done with my plans and we will have the ability to work around your lifestyle with the personalised programmes I provide.


Clients are using my plans daily and the progress by the end of each course is unmatched!. I work to motivate them to achieve their desired goals and in return their commitments motivates me. If you’re serious about getting in the best shape of your life, health and mental state, or even just want to change your habits and become a healthier version of yourself – JOIN MY ACADEMY TODAY!