Muscle Group:

Back, core and legs


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Barbell and a deadlift platform

Stand over a barbell, feet at hip width. Bend at the knees, keeping your back straight and your weight back. Using an overhand grip, grab the barbell with your hands just outside your knees. Push up from the hips, lifting the weight to hip height. Repeat.

Detailed Workout Plan

Place your feet as close to the bar as possible, with your legs about shoulder width apart.

To grab the bar you want perform a squatting motion till you can comfortable grab it.

After placing your hands in an alternated or even neutral grip, slowly extend up through the motion keeping your back straigh and posture tight.
At the top of your rep make sure you extend, and then slowly decline down the movement till the weight touches the floor – keeping your back and posture straight at all times.

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